04 September 2015 - Headlines‏: Uganda Says 12 Of Its Soldiers Killed In Islamist Attack In Somalia

Friday September 04, 2015 - 13:43:06 in News In English by Warsheekh Media
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    04 September 2015 - Headlines‏: Uganda Says 12 Of Its Soldiers Killed In Islamist Attack In Somalia

    Twelve Ugandan soldiers who served as African Union peacekeepers were killed when militants attacked their base in Somalia this week, a Ugandan military spokesman said on Thursday. The statement suggests a lower death toll than the 70 claimed by Al-S

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Twelve Ugandan soldiers who served as African Union peacekeepers were killed when militants attacked their base in Somalia this week, a Ugandan military spokesman said on Thursday. The statement suggests a lower death toll than the 70 claimed by Al-Shabaab, which carried out Tuesday's attack, although spokesman Paddy Ankunda said he could not confirm if peacekeepers of other nationalities had been killed. The AU peacekeeping mission, known as AMISOM, has not yet released casualty figures for Tuesday's attack, which came roughly a year after Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane was killed in a U.S. air strike.

"We won't relent in our efforts to pacify Somalia, it's a mission we must accomplish no matter what," Ankunda told Reuters after announcing that the bodies of the 12 Ugandan soldiers would be flown home this week. Akunda said the delay in announcing the death toll was due to protocol requiring next of kin to be informed first. Somalia-focused diplomatic sources had initially said the toll was expected to be "very large" lending some credence to the figure claimed by Al-Shabaab.

But one source said on Thursday that fewer people may have been killed in the attack than previously feared, although the number would only be clear when AMISOM announced it. Al-Shabaab often exaggerates the success of its attacks. The attack on Janale base, about 90 km (56 miles) south from capital Mogadishu, was the latest of its frequent assaults on AMISOM's bases or convoys by the Islamist group which wants to topple Somalia's Western-backed government.

Key Headlines

  • Uganda Says 12 Of Its Soldiers Killed In Islamist Attack In Somalia(Reuters)
  • UAE Funded Military Training Concludes In Mogadishu(Goobjoog News)
  • Lack Of Funds Impedes Reconstruction Of Somalia Health Services – Minister(Horseed Media)
  • Puntland Sends Hundreds Of Soldiers For Training Course In Abqale Training Camp(Villa Puntland)
  • MP Hosh Jibril "I Received Threats Over Impeachment Motion”(Goobjoog News)
  • Ugandan Bodies Flown Home After Somalia Al-Shabaab Attack(BBC)
  • Kenya Mourns AU Soldiers Killed In Somalia(Capital FM)
  • Somalia’s First Insurance Company Thrives As Economy Reinvigorates(AMISOM)
  • Qatar Charity Relief For Yemeni Refugees In Somalia(The Peninsula)
  • Oromo Or Somali? Sometimes St. Cloud Isn’t Sure(SC Times)


UAE Funded Military Training Concludes In Mogadishu

03 September - Source: Goobjoog News - 140 Words

Somalia Minister of Defence Gen. Abdikadir Sheikh Ali Dini has today witnessed the passing of a contingent of newly trained soldiers from the national army. The training was funded by the government of United Arab Emirate, one of Somalia’s partners in the fight against Al-Shabaab and a major donor towards stabilization process in the country. During the gradaution ceremony for the new recruits, Minister Dini said "This concluded training is a milestone in the building of a strong Somali National Army, and I am hereby emphasizing the importance of getting well trained soldiers with all necessary skills.” He gave word of advice to the soldiers, saying " you are required to serve to the Somali citizens, to protect them, to uphold their basic rights, and you should not infringe their rights, this training is a good step towards forming the basis of a strong national army.”

Lack Of Funds Impedes Reconstruction Of Somalia Health Services – Minister

03 September - Source: Horseed Media - 241 Words

Lack of financial resources has crippled the Somalia’s Ministry of Health’s efforts to launch new projects, particularly in rebuilding the basic health services nationwide, a senior official said. Mrs Hawa Hassan Mohamed, Somalia’s Federal Government Minister of Health said that the ministry had several plans to upgrade the health services but international donors haven’t provided the funds."We are lacking the funds that the ministry would spend on rebuilding the basic packages of health services in the country,” Mrs Hawa said in an interview with the VOA Somali Service.

Western governments have pledged billions to Somali government, but not as direct budget support. The government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud irritated many Western donors over the scandal triggered by the resignation of central bank governor Yussur Abrar in 2013, who said she quit after only seven weeks in the job due to pressure on her to sign suspicious deals. Civil war destroyed the infrastructure of Somalia, including health services. Rebuilding of the health sector is challenged by a shortage of professional staff, financial resources, and effective governance.

Moreover, an overall privatization of the service sector, decentralization and deregulation following the war have greatly changed the healthcare scene. Pharmaceutical market in Somalia have not been regulated; this has resulted the country to become a booming market for counterfeits of different products including medicine. However, Minister Hawo has said that the ministry will launch a major crackdown on counterfeit drug sellers.

Puntland Sends Hundreds Of Soldiers For Training Course In Abqale Training Camp

03 September - Source: Villa Puntland - 142 Words

Today, Puntland Government sent hundreds of soldiers for a training course in Abqale Training Camp near Galkayo, the provincial capital of Mudug region, Villa Puntland Reports. Hundreds of soldiers came from differentt police stations in Bossaso for a training course in an event attended by senior Puntland officials including Police Commissioner Abdirizak Afgudud. The police commissioner encouraged the soldiers to take advantage of the training course to deliver best on their pledges. Recently, Puntland Government has also sent close to 250 soldiers for training course in Armo Academy, Bari region. According to Afgudud, these moves reflect the commitment of the government of Puntland to make tangible reform in the security agencies. Since the collapse of Somalia’s Central Government, Police officers in Puntland regions have not been lucky enough to receive such training courses, Afgudud said.

MP Hosh Jibril "I Received Threats Over Impeachment Motion”

03 September - Source: Goobjoog News - 269 Words

MP Abdirahman Hosh Jibril, one of the vocal parliamentarians spearheading the impeachment motion against President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has told Goobjoog that he received threats, together with the Speaker of Parliament Prof. Mohamed Osman Jawari. "People were coming to the speaker threatening him and I have evidence to that effect, some nights ago MP who doubles up as a minister came to me and threatened me saying that he has been a warlord for 20 years in this city, and you don’t know what I am capable of doing. Threats are unacceptable, the president has people who work for him in this regard” said MP Hosh Jibril.

On the impeachment motion, the MP said that bribes and corruption of the MPs have taken its toll on the motion to be formally tabled in front of the parliament for vote. He wished the current political deadlock would be solved through constitutional means. On the other hand Abdirahman Hosh Jibril has accused the Speaker of Parliament Prof. Mohamed Osman Jawari of trying to extend his term in office by two years. "One main reason of delaying the motion is the speaker who is busy trying to extend his term by two more years, he doesn’t represent us in this, he is the biggest problem we have, if he can’t bring amicable solution we would depose him” said the MP who insisted that he has evidences in his utterances.


Ugandan Bodies Flown Home After Somalia Al-Shabaab Attack

03 September - Source: BBC - 209 Words

The bodies of 10 Ugandan soldiers killed in Somalia by militant Islamist group Al-Shabaab have been flown back home. The attack was a "game changer", and Al-Shabaab should expect an "appropriate response", said an army spokesman. Twelve Ugandan soldiers were killed in Tuesday's raid on an African Union (AU) base in southern Somalia. Ugandan troops are part of a 22,000-strong AU force battling the militants. In the Ugandan army's first comment on the raid, army spokesman Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said in a tweet: "We will not relent in our efforts to help in the pacification of Somalia despite the attack."

He did not give details of the other two Ugandan soldiers who were killed. Other reports put the number of soldiers killed at the Janale base, 90km (55 miles) south-west of the capital Mogadishu, at between 20 and 50. Residents said the attack started with a suicide car bombing at the base's gate, followed by sustained gunfire which lasted more than an hour. Despite losing most of its key strongholds in south and central Somalia, Al-Shabaab continues to carry out attacks on the government and African Union troops across the country. The militants also stage frequent suicide attacks in Mogadishu.

Kenya Mourns AU Soldiers Killed In Somalia

03 September - Source: Capital FM - 307 Words

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed has condemned this week’s Somalia attack by Al-Shabaab militants. While passing her condolences to the families of the victims, Mohamed reiterated Kenya’s commitment in working closely with the international community to stabilise the war-torn country. "The Government of the Republic of Kenya condemns this atrocious criminal act in the strongest terms possible. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of those innocent victims of the terror attack,” she bemoaned in a statement sent to newsrooms.

Somalia’s Al-Qaeda affiliate said the attack in Janale district, 80 kilometres southwest of Mogadishu in the lower Shabelle region, was revenge for the killing of seven civilians by Ugandan troops at a wedding in the town of Merka in July. AMISOM has since said the camp was manned by soldiers from Uganda. Western military sources say the attack began with the destruction of two bridges, cutting the camp off while a suicide car bomber rammed the base followed by an estimated 200 Al-Shabaab fighters who overran the camp.

Qatar Charity Relief For Yemeni Refugees In Somalia

03 September - Source: The Peninsula - 329 Words

Qatar Charity has implemented an urgent relief project which aimed at benefiting 600 Yemeni refugee families in Somalia and some Somali returnees from Yemen who are living in Mogadishu, Hargeisa, and Bosaso. The project is implemented through QC’s office in Somalia and as part of its relief campaign ‘Yemen, We are With You.’ Food baskets, distributed to the beneficiaries, were sufficient for a month. Each family received 25 kg of rice, 25kg of flour, 15kg of sugar, 3 liters of cooking oil, 2.5 kg of powder milk, and 2kg of dates.

Many prominent people took part in the distribution of aids to the people, including some members of the Somali Parliament, and the representatives of the Yemeni community in Somalia. They appreciated QC’s role in helping the Yemeni and Somali people. A total of 130,000 people benefited from QC’s continuous campaign ‘Yemen, We Are with You’ since the recent Yemen crisis started and until the end of May. Food aid included 17,300 food baskets, 80 tons of flour, and 180 tons of different types of food which were distributed to the different governorates. Also three kitchens were prepared and equipped with foodstuff to provide daily fresh meals for 1,000 persons. Regarding healthcare, the hospitals of Aden, Ma’rib, and Taiz were supplied with some equipment, 100 first-aid bags, and a large amount of medications, and medical disposables.

Somalia’s First Insurance Company Thrives As Economy Reinvigorates

03 September - Source: AMISOM - 391 Words

Somalia’s first insurance company in over 25 years is now operational in Mogadishu, adding yet another step to the country’s reconstruction journey. Tafakul Insurance currently offers motor vehicle, health and marine insurance. Tafakul ventures into a sector uncommon to the Somali people, having been eroded during the years of civil war. It now joins the recovery journey of the Somali economy alongside other vibrant sectors which include banking, agriculture, telecommunications and construction. The Tafakul insurance company Chief Executive Officer Mohamed F Jeso says they were encouraged to set up the company because of the visible growth in the various sectors with a glaring gap in insurance.

"We can see the improvement, we can see the development and we can see the expansion of the businesses in Mogadishu. We can see that the diaspora are coming back and investing in their country so all these things show us that it’s the suitable time to establish an insurance company here. Without the insurance, no one will dare to come and invest here because of the lingering uncertainty,” said Mohamed F. Jeso the CEO. The company is currently registered and regulated as per Sharia law, as the government works towards establishing a legal framework that supports growth of the economy and further increase the interest of investors in the economy


"Members of the broader community aren’t the only people who misidentify the Oromo group. Hussein Mohamud, who is a Somali, said he speaks in Somali with Oromo people when he sees them on the streets. The way we dress and our physical appearance are the same, he said. Even our people can’t sometimes tell the difference between the two communities.”

Oromo Or Somali? Sometimes St. Cloud Isn’t Sure

02 September - Source: SC Times - 867 Words

On many occasions in St. Cloud, Dotoo Nebi noticed that something about his slim body, average height and dark complexion sorts him into a community he technically doesn’t belong to: Somalis. "People here think I’m Somali,” Nebi said, seeming bewildered. "We’re not Somalis. We have a different language. We’re from a different part of the world.” Indeed, they’re from a different country. Nebi, for example, hails from the Agarfa village of Ethiopia, an East African country of more than 94 million people. Twenty-six years ago, Nebi was born into the country’s largest ethnic group, Oromo, which has spent decades fighting against the Ethiopian authoritarian regime for recognition and independence.

That struggle still continues in the region, giving birth to a seething unrest that has uprooted many families, including hundreds who made St. Cloud their home. "They took all of our cows, goats and horses,” Nebi said of the Ethiopian soldiers, who roamed in his village. "Every single day, we used to see (them). We were scared for our lives.” That fear finally brought Nebi to St. Cloud, where he now serves as the executive director of the Midwest Oromo Community, a nonprofit organization that provides service to his Oromo community in Central Minnesota.

The soft-spoken leader is at times surprised that many people here don’t differentiate his community from the Somalis. On a recent day in the St. Cloud Wal-Mart, he said, an American woman had a heated argument with a Somali woman. When the quarrel cooled off, he said, the same American woman approached him, stared at him and yelled out, "I hate Somalis.” "She thought that I was a Somali,” he said. "I didn’t say anything.”


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