16 July 2015 - Daily Monitoring Report‏ - US Drone Strike Kills Two Senior Al-Shabaab Commanders In Somalia Stronghold

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    16 July 2015 - Daily Monitoring Report‏ - US Drone Strike Kills Two Senior Al-Shabaab Commanders In Somalia Stronghold

    A drone strike in south-central Somalia, a strategic stronghold of the al Shabaab group, destroyed a vehicle belonging to the militants in the early hours of Thursday, residents and officials said. Sources say two al Shabaab commanders, Ismail Jabhad

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A drone strike in south-central Somalia, a strategic stronghold of the al Shabaab group, destroyed a vehicle belonging to the militants in the early hours of Thursday, residents and officials said. Sources say two al Shabaab commanders, Ismail Jabhad and Ismail Dhere, were killed in the 5am attack. The car was hit just outside the town of Bardere, which al Shabaab captured from government forces in 2009 and has controlled ever since.

  Somali forces and the African Union-led peacekeeping force, known as AMISOM, have been advancing on the area over the past three days, officials say. "Last night, a drone smashed an al Shabaab car believed to be carrying three officials," said local elder Nur Farah told Reuters on Thursday. A spokesman from the militants could not immediately be reached for comment. An AMISOM spokesman also could not be reached. Al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab, which wants to topple the Western-backed government and impose its strict interpretation of Islam on Somalia, has been driven out of major strongholds by the African and Somali forces but continues to launch bomb and gun attacks against officials, politicians and others.

Key Headlines

  • US Drone Strike Kills Two Senior Al-Shabaab Commanders In Somalia Stronghold (The Star)
  • Parliament Speaker Warns Police Bosses Not To Involve Politics (Goobjoog News)
  • Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Visits Qardho (Horseed Media)
  • Mogadishu Residents Prepare To Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr (Bar-Kulan Radio)
  • Amid Row Top Somaliland Opposition Party Officials Resign (Hiiraan Online)
  • Puntland Renegade General Back In Garowe After 2 Months Mutiny (Goobjoog News)
  • New Court Martial Panel Sworn In (New Vision)
  • Integrate Somali Refugees Into Kenya Society (The Star)
  • World Braces For Kiprop Farah Collision In Monaco (Daily Nation)
  • 136 Cattle Stolen In Garissa Returned (The Star)
  • Federal Agents Raid Local Somali Grocery (post bulletin.com)
  • Somalia Needs A Long Term Focus And Holistic FDI Partners (Garowe Online)
  • Two Young Somali Designer’s Invention Receives 266% Kickstarter Campaign Funding (allthingssomalia.com)


Parliament Speaker Warns Police Bosses Not To Involve Politics

16 July - Source: Goobjoog News - 126 Words

Somalia Federal Parliament speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari has for the first time met with the police commanders from different regions in Somalia headed by the National Police Commander and discussed with them matters of national security. The country’s top cop Brigadier General Mohamed Sheik Hassan Hamud has updated the speaker about the current security situation in the country and the police’s efforts and challenges to keep law and order in the country. The Speaker commended what he described as exemplary work of the police who work under very difficult conditions. He however warned them against involving themselves with the politics. He reminded them that the forces need to stay together and should avoid being affected by the political climate in the country.

Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Visits Qardho

16 July - Horseed Media - 154 Words

Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid and ministers representing Puntland and Jubbaland travelled this morning to Qardho, the capital of the Karkar region in Puntland. The prime minister was scheduled to meet with the King of the Darood Clan, Boqor Burhan Boqor Muse during his 2 day visit to Qardho to discuss key issues regarding disputes between the Federal Government of Somalia and the two regional administrations namely, Puntland and Jubbaland. The premier’s travel to Qardho comes following disagreement between President Abdiwali Gas and President Ahmed Mohamed Islam, whose administrations are in dispute with the Federal Government of Somalia. The issues that will be discussed include Puntland’s refusal to recognize the newly formed State of Galmudug and endorsing the approval of two key commissions. Also, Jubbalnd administration is not on good terms with Federal Government after Federal Parliament passed no confidence motion against Jubbalnd assembly and has cut all ties with Federal government last month.

Mogadishu Residents Prepare To Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr

16 July - Source: Bar-Kulan Radio - 79 Words

Preparations for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr celebrations, which mark the end of Ramadan, are underway in Mogadishu. Shoppers have flocked to major markets in the city including Bakara, Hamar Weyne and Suq Ba’ad markets for their Eid purchases. Hundreds of shoppers could be seen in shopping centres busy buying cloths and children toys as they prepare for the big day. Eid al-Fitr will be marked later this week after one-month long fasting.

Amid Row, Top Somaliland Opposition Party Officials Resign

15 July - Source: Hiiraan Online - 264

Three top opposition party leaders in the breakaway Somaliland enclave have unexpectedly resigned amid leadership row, further unsettling the party which battles the government following a controversial term extension for the president. The three officials announced their resignation from Wadani party on Wednesday, citing leadership dispute within the party which has challenged the government led by president Ahmed Silanyo after the region's parliament has controversially extended his term by two additional years.The term extension comes as the region in northern Somalia was scheduled to hold a presidential election this year. Announcing their resignations, the three officials including the secretary general, internal affairs secretary and youth secretary said the party’s political course was more of mix-ups than a lucid political party, questioning the party’s political status whether it works as an opposition party or a conservative one.

Political observers often point out that the party which claims to be an opposition party is in cahoots with the government, a claim often denied by the party’s leaders. Despite suspicions by opposition parties, Somaliland government has recently reassured public that it would hold election in July after they boycotted president’s term extension endorsed by the parliament which drew wide criticism from the international community. The parties then urged dissolution of the two upper houses as the result of their endorsement of the president’s term extension, accusing them of failing to perform their duties as planned. Somaliland, a breakaway region in northern Somalia has declared a unilateral independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991; however, no country has so far recognized it as an independent state.

Puntland Renegade General Back In Garowe After a Two-Month Mutiny

15 July - Source: Goobjoog News - 174 Words

General Muhyadin Ahmed Moose and his loyalist troops have been given a heroic welcome in Garowe, Puntland’s capital after appearing for the first time since the mutiny two months ago. Speaking to reporters, General Muhyadin said that he came back following the request of Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid and Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe who are both in Garowe for talks between the Federal Government and the two states of Puntland and Jubbaland.The two leaders have reportedly convinced the general to lay down arms and accept mediation with the authorities in return for an address of his concerns by the state government. General Moose led the mutiny after Abdiwali Gas sacked him as deputy police commissioner of Puntland but the General maintained that his revolt had nothing to do with the president’s action blaming it on delayed salaries which were 15 months overdue. Puntland officials have yet to comment on the new development but security forces seemed they were not interested in confronting the General and his troops who were in a convoy.


New Court Martial Panel Sworn In

16 June - Source: New Vision - 207 Words

The members of the General Court Martial including the Commander of Reserve Forces, Maj. Gen. Levi Karuhanga have pledged to administer justice. The members were appointed by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni following the expiration of their one-year tenure last month. Karuhanga, who was the first Commander of AMISOM in Somalia, took over from Brig. Moses Ddiba Ssentongo after his one year tenure expired. He commanded the AMISOM from February 14, 2007 when he was appointed to March 3, 2008 when he was recalled and succeeded by Maj. General Francis Okello.

The members promised not to disclose or discover the vote or opinion of the chairman and any other member of the court martial unless required in due course of the law. The seven members are; Lt.Col. Jusper Abeka, Maj. MCD Kamugira, Maj. David Ocit Kidega, Maj. Livingstone Musiime, Capt. Stella Karungi and WO1. George Mijumbi. The reserve members are Col. Nathan Begumssa, Maj. Jane Mukasa, Capt. Rogers Mwesigye and Sgt. Stephen Okello. The judges' legal advisor, Lt.Col. Gideon Katinda who presided over the swearing before court resumed work. Over 150 cases are to be rescheduled by the General Court Martial (GCM) at Makindye following the re-appointment of the members.

Integrate Somali Refugees Into Kenya Society

16 July - Source: The Star - 668 Words

There are more than half a million refugees in Kenya, trapped in protracted situations with few opportunities for self-reliance. Some Somali refugees have stayed at the Dadaab camp for 25 years. Their prolonged stay is not in any way illegal but it should be a concern to all that we ought to find lasting solutions for them. A tripartite agreement signed in 2013 by the UNHCR and the governments of Kenya and Somalia set out a framework for voluntary repatriation of Somali refugees. It is expected that a few Somalis, if not all, will voluntarily return home. The other two durable options accepted internationally are resettlement to third countries and local integration. Resettlement depends on quotas decided upon by donor countries. It is often not a reliable solution for the majority because slots are reserved for vulnerable cases, particularly refugees with more serious protection concerns.

Local integration allows refugees to attain a wider range of rights, including acquisition of citizenship in their country of asylum. It is also a social and cultural process of adaptation and acceptance that can enable refugees to contribute to the social and economic life of their asylum country. Somali refugees in Dadaab share cultural similarities with Kenyan-Somalis. The two have the same origins and have peacefully lived together for more than 20 years. The fact that they speak the same language with locals and have even intermarried should be inspiring enough to have them locally integrated, should they choose not to return home. The 1951 UN Refugee Convention acknowledges the role of local integration and the importance of citizenship in achieving durable solutions for refugees. The Refugees Act of 2006, through an encampment policy, does not allow refugees to live outside designated areas. It demands that all refugees should stay in camps at all times unless travelling to seek education or medical treatment.

World Braces For Kiprop, Farah Collision In Monaco

16 July - Source: Daily Nation - 424 Words

World 1,500m champion Asbel Kiprop has said he is ready to face double Olympic and World 5,000m and 10,000m champion Mo Farah over the 1,500m distance in Monaco on Friday. "I know he is in great shape, having seen him compete in Eugene and Lausanne over 5,000m, but I’ll try and win the race,” said Kiprop, who won the National 800m title at Kasarani on July 11. Interestingly, it’s at the 2013 Monaco Herculis Diamond League where both Kiprop and Farah, who is using the metric mile race for speed, set their personal best in the 1,500m race. Kiprop floored Farah in a time on 3 minutes 27.72 seconds as the Somali-born Briton settled second in 3:28.81.

"I can’t talk of a world record going down this time but it will be an interesting battle considering his personal best,” said Kiprop, who had planned to break the world record last year in Monaco but failed when Silas Kiplagat beat him to second place. Kiplagat won in 3:27.64, which elevated him from 10th to fourth on the event's all-time list behind world record-holder Hicham El Guerrouj (3:26.00), Bernard Lagat (3:26.34) and Noureddine Morceli (3:27.37). "Farah is in a class of his own in 5,000m. His 1,500m personal best tells it all since no Kenyan athlete in 5,000m has that time,” said Kiprop, who has been using the 800m races to refine his finishing kick. Kenya’s World 5,000m bronze medallist Isaiah Kiplangat has personal best 3:38.7 while the 2008 Beijing Olympics 5,000m bronze medallist Edwin Soi has 3:44.76.

136 Cattle Stolen In Garissa Returned

16 July - Source: The Star - 155 Words

Some 136 cattle stolen from Balambala sub-county, Garissa county, three weeks ago were handed over to the owners on Tuesday. They were recovered in Doble, 16km inside Somalia. There was a one-hour standoff between security personnel and elders at Alango Arba, where the animals were to be handed over. The security team, led by county commissioner James Kianda, found the animals on their way to Balambala. Sources told the Star the Abuduwak clan elders accused their Aulian clan counterparts of doing little in the recovery of the animals. They accused them of trying to use the handover ceremony for political mileage. The source said when the animals were stolen, the Aulian elders kept quiet. Dadaab sub-county commissioner Albert Kimathi said the animals were recovered after negotiations with an administrator in Doble identified as a Mr Siyat. "The constant communication we had with our Doble counterparts made the recovery possible.”

Federal Agents Raid Local Somali Grocery

15 July - Source: postbulletin.com - 277 Words

A grocery store that specializes in Somali foods was the site of what appeared to be a federal raid Wednesday morning. Officials from the FBI and the United States Department of Agriculture were at Towfiq Grocery Store, 517 12th St. SE, from about 9:30 a.m. until well into the afternoon. Several bankers' boxes — apparently containing documents — were removed from the store. A man and woman at the scene who identified themselves as the owners refused to comment. Ben Petok, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Minneapolis, declined comment on the reason officials were at the store, and said no other information is available. The USDA has oversight over the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps.

There have been multiple USDA raids of stores in the Twin Cities area following investigations of SNAP fraud. A spokesman for the Rochester Police Department said local officers were there to assist the federal agents with a warrant. Alyssa Cross, who works across the street from the store, said she thought it was a funeral procession when she saw a line of cars approach. At least six law enforcement cars — both marked and unmarked — were parked in the area. "They didn't all swarm into the parking lot," she said. "They came in quietly, and some stopped on the street." Cross said most of the customers at the store are Somalis, several of whom drove past while the agents were inside the store. "They've been walking up to see what's going on and talking to each other, then leaving," she said. No arrests appeared to have been made at the store.


"In short, Somalia should require those who would become its transnational corporate partners to engage in a long term holistic sustainable relationship as a genuine commitment to assist Somalia and as a model for FDI investment rather than simply a revenue deal. For example, is Soma willing to engage in a permanent relationship of supporting the Somali universities with a commitment to (create, refurbish, strengthen) their engineering departments? Are they willing to commit to employ Somalis in on-the -job training, and recruit and train Somalis for permanent positions in their global operations?”

Somalia Needs A Long Term Focus And Holistic FDI Partners

16 July - Source: Garowe Online - 1,016 Words

In January 2013 I commented on the threat of Balkanization for Somali society and noted that I thought Somalia could become a strong unified nation state, channeling the forces of international development for the benefit of all Somalis, thereby becoming an anchor for collective prosperity and development in all East Africa.[i] There are still numerous critical discussions and decisions to come. One of these concerns the possible arrangement for oil and gas exploration with Soma Oil and Gas Holdings, Ltd. announced by Garowe online May 29th.[ii] Of course I am uncertain as to where things stand now. I would like to note the decisions before the Somali people via the Ministry of Mineral Resources will be extremely critical because they will set the precedent for other Somali relationships with the international extraction industries.

Certainly, the Ministry is seeking input from its staff as well as other ministries and functionaries and opinion leaders across the Somalia. As a sociologist I submit that much of the academic and policy literature on global economic development, e.g. concerning the World Trade Organization, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Foreign Aid, and / or structural adjustment in Africa can be assigned to one category of a three sector typology: the sector supporting globalization (particularly of size and scale)[iii], the sector critical of corporate control / domination, or a sector carefully technical so as to avoid or mask the important normative questions about the actual distribution of benefits with technical discussion. The "critical” literature has focused on development as the dominance of resource hungry western / and now China and India– and or transitional (extraction) corporations.

The lenses of the critical literature are usually focused on the enclave investment strategy of the global corporations, on the corruptibility power of huge FDI sums on the political process, the compromising and controlling features of foreign aid, and the corrosive economic / environmental consequences of the extraction industries.[iv] I am uncertain whether the offer tendered by Soma Oil and Gas Holdings, Ltd. (according to the Garowe article) is above, below, or standard for the exploration, possible political risks involved, and / or with regard to the fluctuating price of oil, or with the specific technology to be utilized. However, whatever if any arrangement Somalia signs commits the public resources into private hands. Will Somalia get financial / contractual fairness?

"We don’t want it to just be perceived as you have to be a class-A athlete to enjoy this. Ali said the group plans on targeting multiple fitness events to gain exposure, including one of the biggest — the Arnold Classic. We’re going to be in the Arnold Classic next year to take it to the next level”

Two Young Somali Designer’s Invention Receives 266% Kickstarter Campaign Funding

15 July - Source: allthingssomali.com - 602 Words

A group of five Ohio State University students and graduates of the Department of Design are trying to make clumpy protein shakes a thing of the past with their new invention, the Titan Mixer Bottle. Their company is Five Industrial (FiveID). The TITAN Mixer bottle is co-founded by all five members for FiveID. The inventors include two Somali American entrepreneurs and recent graduates from Ohio State University. Mohamed Rage is a Industrial and Graphic Designer. Adan Ali is Industrial Designer, 3d animation, and Video Director. Mohamed, Adan, and their co-founders have created a protein mixer bottle, which they said is unlike any other on the market today. "We were confident we had a solid project, or solid idea, on our hands. But for things to pick up as quickly as it did that was a little surprising, in a good way,” said Adan Ali, a FiveID member and 2015 graduate in industrial design. It is worth noting that Adan Ali was in charge of the video production for FiveID.

He oversaw it from animation to editing to choosing the final clip. The video is included in this story. Mohamed Rage, the founder and CEO of FiveID and 2014 graduate in industrial design, said the campaign reached its goal in 10 days, and in total was so successful, the team now has a work order for more than 3,000 bottles to send out to its backers."Once we get our Kickstarter check, we will use those funds to give the go-ahead to our manufacturers to start mass producing to fill those orders, to those first backers who have supported us,” Rage said. "Those are the ones to get the first product before anyone else, before it’s actually on the shelves.” Mohamed Rage said "my mission is to encourage Somalis to explore fields of design.” For him, "entrepreneurship is the answer in America to bridging the gap.”

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