Agreement Reached to Halt Clan Conflict in Galgadud

Following a weekend of deadly clashes in the Galgadud region, Galmudug regional state leader Ahmed Abdi Kariye and traditional elders from two rival clans have agreed to three provisions to cease the violence immediately.

Elders and intellectuals from both factions met with Galmudug President Kariye, who visited the conflict sites, to discuss a swift resolution. The violence resulted in 55 fatalities and over 60 injuries.

The parties decided to prepare for a peace conference in Dhusamareb, the capital of Galmudug state, after agreeing to a ceasefire and cooperation with security forces. Additionally, they agreed to separate the militias.

Shikhow, Galmudug’s Minister of Information, linked the clashes between militias from the two rival clans to a dispute over grazing land and water. He noted that the conflict involved the Dir and Marihan clans.

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