Al-Shabab Fighters Eliminated in Airstrike in Lower Shabelle Region

Somali armed forces, in collaboration with their international counterparts, executed a planned operation in the Lower Shabelle region on Sunday, resulting in the elimination of several al-Shabab militants.

A statement from the Somali government indicated that the operation was aimed at the Bula Warbo area within the Kuntuwaarey district of the Lower Shabelle region, where the militants had assembled.

“In a joint airstrike operation by the National Army and our international partners, multiple Khawarij militants were neutralized. The enemy sustained significant losses,” affirmed the government statement.

This airstrike followed another carried out by Somali military forces, with support from international partners, the previous day, which resulted in the deaths of at least seven al-Shabab members and injuries to four others in the Kuntawarey district of the Lower Shabelle region.

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