Cabinet of Ministers Approves Abdullahi Mohamed Ali Sanbaloolshe as New NISA Director: Transition Amidst Reform and Resignation

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Federal Republic of Somalia has recently approved the appointment of Abdullahi Mohamed Ali Sanbaloolshe as the new Director of NISA. This marks Sanbaloolshe’s third tenure in this position, following the resignation of former Director Mahad Mohamed Salad, who served for two years.

Reports indicate that Salad’s resignation, which had been under discussion for some time, was finalized last night following his farewell to NISA officials. His resignation was purportedly linked to issues concerning personal readiness and aspirations for the presidency of Somaliland, which he had specifically communicated to the country’s senior leaders and associates.

Salad’s two-year tenure at NISA is remembered for significant improvements in the security of the capital and reforms within the agency. Notably, his term saw the first-ever amendment to the NISA Act, which was passed by both Houses of Parliament.

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