Constitutional Amendments Allow Ahmed Madobe to Seek Third Term in Jubbaland

Tuesday marked a significant day for the Jubbaland Regional State Parliament as it approved amendments to two provisions in the constitution, allowing the current leader, Ahmed Madobe, to run for a third term in the regional leadership election. Provisions were amended during the fifth session of parliament in Kismayo.

Specifically, lawmakers amended Article 70, which previously limited leaders to two terms, by removing the article entirely. Tuesday’s session saw the approval that now allows President Ahmed Mohamed Madobe to run for a third term as the leader of the Jubbaland administration.

Additionally, the parliament amended Article 65, extending the presidential term from four to five years. Years will now mark a longer term for the regional leader.

Attention is now on the Jubbaland elections scheduled for the coming month, with the federal government and opposition groups closely monitoring the upcoming elections and their transparency. Transparency remains a crucial focus as the elections approach.

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