Deadly Inter-Clan Conflict Erupts in Galgaduud Region

Inter-clan fighting erupted in the northern part of the Galgaduud region, resulting in a tragic toll. At least ten people were killed, and 15 others were wounded in the violence that unfolded on Monday. The conflict, fueled by longstanding clan rivalries and disputes over territory, erupted between militias from Abudwak and Heraale districts.

Galmudug government forces swiftly intervened to halt the violence and disperse the fighting militias. However, concerns remain high as the two militias continue to occupy the areas where the conflict occurred. This recent outbreak of violence is just one example of the frequent conflicts that plague the Galgaduud region, often related to grazing land and territorial disputes.

Just two months ago, a prominent elder named Abdi Dahir Daud was killed in a revenge-related attack in the Lanqeylo area of the Galgaduud region. The region has a history of such clashes, and the presence of armed militias raises fears of further bloodshed and instability.

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