Energy Deal Paves Way for Turkey and Somalia to Commence Offshore Oil Drilling in 2025

The Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Alparslan Bayraktar, unveiled Türkiye’s ambitious plans for offshore oil exploration in Somalia, slated to commence deep-sea drilling by 2025. This strategic move is the result of a recent bilateral agreement aimed at strengthening energy cooperation between the two nations.

Expanding upon a recent offshore oil and natural gas pact, Türkiye and Somalia are now set to tap into Somalia’s rich oil reserves, with plans encompassing exploration, exploitation, and production across both onshore and offshore blocks. Minister Bayraktar outlined a clear roadmap, targeting seismic activities next year and deep-sea drilling operations by 2025.

The burgeoning partnership between Türkiye and Somalia extends beyond energy, marked by a robust defense pact and growing trade ties, exemplified by a bilateral trade volume exceeding $250 million in 2019. Türkiye’s substantial investments in Somalia’s infrastructure, including Mogadishu International Airport and Mogadishu Sea Port, underscore the depth of their collaboration.

These energy and security agreements come amid geopolitical tensions, particularly Somalia’s dispute with Somaliland and Ethiopia, with Türkiye’s involvement seen as a strategic deterrent against Ethiopia’s maritime ambitions via Somaliland.

In parallel with its endeavors in Somalia, Türkiye remains committed to enhancing its domestic energy capabilities, with plans to drill 140 wells this year across regions like Hakkari and Van. Minister Bayraktar expressed optimism that these efforts would contribute to Türkiye’s energy self-sufficiency.

Since 2011, Türkiye has been a steadfast supporter of Somalia, providing crucial humanitarian aid and financial assistance. This commitment was further solidified in 2017 with the establishment of a significant military training facility to bolster Somali security forces.

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