Ethiopian Minister Presents Landmark MoU with Somaliland to Parliament

On Tuesday, the Ethiopian Minister of Transport and Logistics, Alemu Sime, presented an agreement with Somaliland to the Ethiopian Parliament, highlighting a significant diplomatic achievement.

Addressing the MPs, Sime stated that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Ethiopia and Somaliland, signed on January 1, marks a major step toward securing Ethiopia’s access to a sea route.

Emphasizing the importance of this development, Sime said, “Our country has signed an MoU with Somaliland through our Prime Minister. This will make Ethiopia’s quest to access sea outlets a reality, expand sea outlet alternatives, bring fundamental changes in our logistics performance, and open a new chapter of cooperation crucial for interconnectedness in the Horn of Africa.”

Recently, the Ethiopian Institute of Foreign Affairs hosted the 2nd Red Sea Dialogue in Addis Ababa, focusing on the necessity of regional cooperation in the Red Sea.

Highlighting the strategic significance, Jafar Bedru, chief executive of the Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Institute, addressed the media on the importance of Ethiopia’s connection to the Red Sea, stressing that Ethiopia would never relinquish its interest in the region.

“There is a historical connection between Ethiopia and the Red Sea. Ethiopia has always been engaged in a historical struggle over the Red Sea, vital to its existence. Our neighbouring countries are determined to thwart our ambitions in the Red Sea,” Bedru said.

Moreover, Bedru accused Ethiopia’s historical adversaries of conspiring to exclude Ethiopia from discussions about the Red Sea, further elaborating on the regional tensions.

Despite these challenges, Ethiopia remains committed to implementing the agreement signed with the Somaliland administration on January 1, securing a portion of access to the Red Sea.

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