Ex-Leaders Farmajo, Sharif Lobby Parliament to Dismiss Amended Constitution

Former Somali Presidents Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed have condemned President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud for disregarding their appeals to halt the ongoing amendments and review of the nation’s Constitution.

In separate statements released on Friday evening, Farmajo and Sharif stressed that if the Parliament proceeds to endorse the amended proposal, it would pose a grave threat to the legitimacy and survival of the Somali government, urging for a reconsideration of the decision.

Furthermore, the ex-presidents accused President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of harboring aspirations to gain control over both chambers of Parliament, potentially undermining government transparency and accountability.

The bicameral federal Parliament is slated to convene for a joint session on Saturday in Mogadishu to deliberate on the amended provisional Constitution.

The proposed amendments put forth by the Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission could either pave the way for progress in the country or signal a regression in its constitutional framework.

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