Final Farewell: Luul Abdiaziz Laid to Rest in the Vicinity of Mogadishu

A large gathering converged for the funeral service of Luul Abdiaziz, who tragically lost her life to domestic violence in Mogadishu in January 2024. The ceremony took place in Jazeera village, situated on the outskirts of Mogadishu, this past Friday.

The deceased had been held in the freezer at Digfeer Hospital for over a month as her father refused to lay her to rest until justice was served.

In a recent ruling by the Banadir Regional Court on Wednesday, Sayid Ali Moalin Daoud was sentenced to capital punishment after being found guilty. Daoud confessed to igniting the fire during a dispute with his spouse but denied any intent to cause harm, contesting the charges brought against him. The prosecution presented compelling evidence, including the charred remnants of Abdiaziz’s phone and testimonies from eyewitnesses, including her own children, to support their case.

This tragic incident unfolded amidst mounting public outcry against domestic violence within the nation. In response to the escalating violence, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud convened with Mogadishu police to deliberate on legal reforms and reinforce measures for women’s safety.

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