Galmudug Leader Accuses Political Groups of Fueling Inter-Clan Conflict

Qor Galmudug regional state leader Ahmed Abdi Kariye Qor has accused politically motivated groups of instigating the inter-clan fighting between militias from Puntland and Galmudug states.

Detrimental President Qor Qor stated that individuals with political ambitions exacerbating the conflict between the brotherly clans are more than the problem of al-Shabab within society.

Nation “There are two problems among the people. First, the enemy of terrorism is igniting our nation. Second, those who claim to be politicians and do not fear God are destroying the,” said President Qor Qor.

Conference He welcomed the ceasefire efforts by scholars and committees from both administrations who travelled to the conflict areas to separate the fighting militias and organize a peace.

Dispute Last week’s inter-clan fighting killed nearly 30 people and wounded more than 50 others in a rural area between Goldogob and Saah Qurun in the Mudug region. The conflict involved militias from the Sa’ad and Lelakase sub-clans over a land.

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