Galmudug President Vows to Expose Instigators of Deadly North Galgaduud Conflict

Galmudug President Ahmed Abdi Kariye Qorqor announced that he will present evidence exposing those responsible for instigating the recent conflict in North Galgaduud, which resulted in nearly 100 deaths. His statement follows a meeting with elders from the Marehan and Dir clans, involved in the deadly clash last Saturday.

Qorqor emphasized the need for a peaceful resolution in Dhusamareb, the capital of Galmudug. He urged both sides to collaborate for lasting peace and to prevent future violence. “We need to prepare for our decision and ensure peace can be established. Peace has many enemies, and each side needs to be strong and committed,” said President Qorqor.

The President noted that the war was orchestrated by politicians seeking political gain, criticizing those who took advantage of the situation for their interests. “We all know what happened. It was not a random event but a planned opportunity pursued for political interests,” he stated.

Qorqor revealed that security agencies have gathered evidence linking those who started and fueled the conflict. He promised to present the evidence at the appropriate time. “The investigative agencies have collected all relevant information. Many pieces of evidence are with those who orchestrated, fueled, and financed the conflict. God willing, this evidence is preserved, and we will present it at the right time,” Qorqor said.

Qorqor’s announcement comes as the region experiences a resurgence of clan wars among communities vying for grazing land ownership.

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