Government Response: PM Barre Discusses Security Measures for Mogadishu’s Auto-Rickshaw Operators

The Somali government has reaffirmed its successful resolution of recurrent security issues involving harm to auto-rickshaw operators in Mogadishu. Prime Minister Bare, speaking at an Iftar event in Kahda district, emphasized the government’s categorization of auto-rickshaws into groups A and B, effectively ending conflicts with security forces.

Barre commended the people of Kahda district for their cooperation with the government and their contributions to its development. He praised their strong faith and moral values, contrasting Kahda with areas lacking education where issues like drugs and extremism are more prevalent.

Past incidents in Mogadishu saw security forces killing auto-rickshaw operators amid disputes with army personnel, sparking public outrage. However, the federal government has pledged to bolster security measures against groups like al-Shabab and combat drug-related issues during Ramadan in Mogadishu.

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