Governor of Middle Shabelle Dismissed by Hirshabelle President; Mayor Replaced

On Tuesday, President Ali Abdullahi Hussein Guudlawe of the Hirshabelle regional administration announced the dismissal of Ahmed Meyre Makaraan, also known as Ahmed Faal, from his position as governor of the Middle Shabelle region.

Taking over the role is Mohamud Mohamed Noor, known as Masdile, who has been appointed as the new governor of the Middle Shabelle region.

Makaraan’s tenure, which began in 2016, marked him as the longest-serving governor in the Middle Shabelle region, overseeing nearly ten governors during his time.

This decision coincides with President Guudlawe’s recent reshuffle of some members of his Council of Ministers on Monday night.

While the reasons behind the reshuffle, appointment, and removal were not explicitly stated by the regional state leaders, it comes amid recent complaints from certain clan leaders in Hirshabelle concerning power-sharing arrangements within the council.

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