Hiraan Capital, Beledweyne, Grapples with Security Crisis as Armed Robberies Multiply

Residents of Baledweyne, the capital of Somalia’s Hiraan region, are expressing grave concerns regarding the escalating insecurity caused by a surge in criminal activities targeting civilians.

Local residents are witnessing a surge in robberies, with many noting that the perpetrators, armed with AK47 rifles, often wear government army uniforms, instilling fear within the community. Their primary targets appear to be mobile phones.

A significant incident unfolded recently when armed robbers clashed with local forces in the crime-prone Bundaweyn neighborhood. Witnesses described the encounter as brief yet intense.

In a separate incident at the heart of the city, individuals dressed in military attire raided a market, causing panic and chaos among the populace. A shop owner recounted the ordeal, lamenting the lack of effective response from authorities and expressing frustration over the escalating lawlessness.

The prevailing sense of unease in Baledweyne is exacerbated by the ongoing power struggle between factions representing Hiran State and Hirshabeelle, further complicating efforts to restore stability in the region.

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