Hirshabelle President appoints new ministers

President Ali Abdullahi Hussein Guudlawe of the Hirshabelle regional administration announced the appointment and restructuring of certain members of his Council of Ministers on Monday evening, as per an official decree from the President’s office.

While the regional state leaders did not provide explicit reasons for the reshuffle, it follows recent grievances voiced by some clan leaders residing in Hirshabelle concerning power-sharing dynamics within the council.

Complaints regarding power-sharing in the state have been ongoing since the establishment of the Hirshabelle administration in 2016.

The newly appointed ministers are as follows:

  • Minister of Planning: Mohamud Abdi Ali
  • Minister of Education: Said Hagar Amalow
  • Minister of Labor: Abdifatah Hassan Farah
  • Minister of Posts: Mohamud Sheikh Ali Salad
  • Minister of Trade: Zakarie Khalid Abdi

President Guudlawe’s decision to reshuffle his Council of Ministers underscores the ongoing challenges and complexities of governance in the Hirshabelle region. With various clans vying for representation and influence, the delicate balance of power within the administration remains a focal point of contention. This latest move by the President may signal an attempt to address some of these longstanding issues and foster greater inclusivity and cooperation among the diverse factions within Hirshabelle. However, its ultimate impact and effectiveness in addressing the underlying concerns surrounding power-sharing dynamics are yet to be seen.

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