Hotel Attackers “Neutralized” by Somali Security Forces

Promptly, Somali security forces have successfully quelled a deadly siege by Al Shabaab militants at a popular hotel in Mogadishu, as reported by Somali National Television via the social media platform X.

Previously targeted by the Islamist group, the SYL Hotel, known for hosting government officials, became the focal point of the assault.

Preluded by multiple explosions and gunshots, three militants gained entry into the hotel, although casualty figures remain unconfirmed.

Hassan Nur, who escaped by scaling a wall, vividly described the chaotic scene: “I don’t know about the casualties, but there were many people inside when the attack started.”

Promptly responding to the distress call, witnesses noted a swift police response, engaging the militants in a fierce gun battle shortly after the attack commenced.

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