Houthi Attacks on USS Mason and “Destiny” Ship Reported

Houthi spokesperson Yahya Saree recently claimed responsibility for attacks on the USS Mason, a U.S. warship, and a ship called the “Destiny.”

### USS Mason Successfully Intercepts Houthi Missile and Drones

The USS Mason intercepted a Houthi missile and several drones, part of a broader effort by U.S. and EU forces, who have downed 13 Houthi drones and missiles in the past week.

### UN Security Council Urges Houthis to Cease Attacks

During a UN Security Council meeting, the U.S. and other members called for the Houthis to stop attacks to promote peace, while Russia criticized Western military actions in Yemen.

### UN Officials Push for Peace Plan, Saudi Arabia to Lead Efforts

UN officials are advocating for a peace plan to end the conflict in Yemen, with Saudi Arabia expected to spearhead new negotiation efforts.

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