Ilhan Omar Gets DFL Endorsement for Primary Rematch

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar won the DFL’s endorsement in Minneapolis on Saturday for the upcoming primary election rematch against Don Samuels.

Omar thanked convention attendees for their support, becoming emotional during her speech. She won the DFL endorsement on the first ballot, a first in her political career.

Samuels remains optimistic about his chances in August, despite not winning the endorsement. He came close to defeating Omar two years ago and believes this longer campaign will work in his favor.

The rematch between Omar and Samuels is expected to be closely watched. The winner of the August primary will likely represent Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District.

Omar has a significant fundraising lead over Samuels. She has raised nearly $1.7 million compared to his $400,000.

Omar has been an outspoken critic of Israel and advocates for a cease-fire in Gaza, a stance that resonates with many of her constituents.

The conflict in Gaza was a top concern for many convention attendees. Some young people urged Omar to retract her endorsement of President Joe Biden, whom they believe has enabled Israel’s actions.

Samuels has criticized Omar’s stance on Israel, saying it doesn’t consider the concerns of the Jewish community.

The rematch between Omar and Samuels promises to be an intense and closely watched race.

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