Illegal Drugs Destroyed by Banadir Administration in Mogadishu to Tackle Youth Addiction

The Banadir regional administration has taken a public stance by incinerating drugs commonly misused by Mogadishu’s youth. These drugs, obtained from medical centers and pharmacies implicated in illegal distribution, have contributed to the escalating addiction rates among young people.

Governor Yusuf Hussein Jim’ale Maddale has issued a stern warning to the young entrepreneurs involved in trafficking these narcotics, including pills and syrups, asserting that offenders will face prosecution.

Additionally, the governor has cautioned businesses against importing products harmful to youth. He highlighted the recent interception of candies resembling cigarettes, which he believes could encourage smoking habits among children. The government plans to revoke the licenses of those importing such hazardous goods.

In a separate incident, Port authorities in Mogadishu seized 249 cartons of illegal snus tobacco, locally known as Tabuuga, in mid-March. The Somali security agency reported that this product is popular among Somali youth.

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