In Anti-Terror Move, Somali Government Seizes $7 Million, Closes Accounts

The Somali government has seized a substantial sum of US dollars, deactivated numerous telephone numbers, and terminated multiple merchant accounts reportedly linked with terrorist networks.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the government disclosed that these phone numbers and accounts were utilized by terrorist groups to intimidate, extort, and siphon funds from Somali enterprises.

The government remains resolute in its commitment to combatting financial backing for terrorists and expresses gratitude to the business community and Somali populace for their ongoing cooperation.

Citizens are urged to promptly report any financial activities linked to terrorism to relevant financial and security authorities to swiftly address the threat.

Additionally, the government cautions both business owners and the public against yielding to extortion demands from terrorists that aim to afflict the Somali populace.

However, the government refrained from divulging specific details concerning the location of the seized funds, the duration of the operation, or the status of individuals apprehended.

Notably, last year, the government shuttered numerous accounts associated with militants across multiple banks and disrupted network and data services for devices utilized by militants for fund transfers.

Al-Shabab has long sustained itself by extorting businesses in Mogadishu and levying taxes in territories under its control.

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, following his election in 2022, declared an all-out campaign against the al-Qaida-affiliated militants.

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