Inclusive Constitutional Reform: Former Somali Presidents Call for Constructive Dialogue

During a meeting in Mogadishu on Saturday night, former Somali Presidents Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed emphasized the necessity for consensus among the Somali people regarding constitutional amendments.

After their meeting, the two former presidents, who staunchly oppose the government’s efforts to amend the country’s constitution, issued a joint statement. “We delved into the country’s situation, particularly political issues and the ongoing debate on constitutional amendments. We stressed the need for extensive consultations on the country’s state and the current constitutional matters,” the statement noted.

Farmajo and Sharif are reportedly in the process of organizing a sizable gathering of politicians and civil society to address concerns about the country’s constitution and to call upon the government.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud affirmed his government’s commitment to finalizing the constitution in January of this year, asserting that the country is making progress. Mohamud clarified that any action to amend the constitution would take effect after the next election.

However, last week, lawmakers from both the Lower and Upper Houses initiated discussions on the second chapter of the Constitution, focusing on Articles 10-20. This crucial dialogue directly impacts citizens’ rights and responsibilities.

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