Increased Security in Galgaduud Province, Somalia, After Clashes

Due to violent clashes that started on June 8, increased security is now in place in the Landhere area of Galgaduud Province, central Somalia. The conflict, involving two rival local militias, has resulted in at least 50 deaths and over 60 injuries. Authorities have sent armed troops to the area to control the violence and prevent more fighting.

Violence broke out between militias from the Marehan and Dir clans in the Abudwak and Herale districts. Local reports say the violence started after morning prayers and quickly escalated, causing many casualties. The injured have been taken to hospitals in Herale, Abudwak, and Adado districts.

Calling for an immediate end to the fighting, the Galmudug regional government and federal authorities have responded. The exact reason for the clashes is unclear, but it is linked to land disputes.

Condemning the violence, Minister of Security Mohamed Abdi Aden Gaboobe said those responsible have been identified and will face legal action. “The conflict, based on a land dispute, is unacceptable, and those involved will be prosecuted according to the law,” Minister Gaboobe said.

Trying to mediate and stop the violence, traditional elders from both sides have not yet reached an agreement.

Additional security measures in the Landhere area include sending more troops, setting up checkpoints, more patrols, local curfews, and possible road closures. Authorities warn that more violence could happen in the coming days, and local businesses and travel might be disrupted.

Ordering its security agencies and the Galmudug administration to act quickly and mediate, the Somali government aims to end the violence and bring peace to the region.

Located about 470 km (290 miles) north of Mogadishu, near Somalia’s border with Ethiopia, Landhere has shown how fragile peace is in the region and the ongoing difficulties in resolving inter-clan disputes through negotiation and legal means.

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