Jubbaland State Police Foil Pirate Attack Plot Near Kismayo

In a security operation near the coastal town of Kismayo, Jubbaland State police forces successfully apprehended four individuals suspected of planning pirate attacks on ships in Somali waters. The operation, which occurred approximately 70 km south of Kismayo, the interim capital of Jubbaland State, resulted in the arrest of the suspects. However, two individuals managed to evade capture and remain at large.

The recent arrests come at a time when there has been a troubling resurgence of piracy activities off the coast of Somalia. Despite significant efforts in recent years to combat piracy, the threat has reemerged, posing a renewed challenge to maritime security in the region.

Major Sadiq Mohamud, the commander of the police department of Lower Jubba, revealed that valuable intelligence was obtained during the operation, including a list of individuals involved in financing piracy activities within Jubbaland. The arrested men were allegedly plotting to hijack ships and boats carrying valuable cargo in various areas of Jubbaland.

This recent success in curbing piracy activities comes shortly after the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) seized illegal weapons and dismantled a network of suspected pirates operating from the coastal district of Eyl. Eyl has long been identified as a strategic base for launching attacks on international shipping.

The PMPF, in a statement issued on Friday, highlighted the active efforts of regional state authorities in tracking down the pirates involved in the hijacking of MV Abdullah. The Bangladeshi-flagged cargo ship was captured by Somali pirates and held captive for several weeks until its release was secured through intense negotiations and a hefty $5 million ransom payment.

The coordinated actions of Jubbaland State police forces and the PMPF demonstrate the commitment of Somali authorities to combat piracy and protect maritime security in the region.

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