Justice for slain teacher in Mogadishu

Family and friends of the slain school teacher, the late Abdirahman Malow Abikar, who was brutally stabbed to death in front of his students in cold blood on Monday, February 12, 2024 are demanding justice for his murder and are calling upon authorities to undertake swift investigation into the killing of the 30-year-old public school teacher in Wadajir neighborhood in Mogadishu.

The victim and his family are my constituents. They are complaining of laxity from security agencies who have not done enough to bring the suspected murderer and his accomplices to justice. My constituents believe that there is no justice in Mogadishu, and they are right to think so, because the case is being handled lightly and with negligence.

Somalia Teachers Union and Education Umbrellas across the country announced a three day strike over the murder of the teacher and described the killing as cold blood. They also demand those behind the murder to be brought to justice.

I wish to add my voice to the hundreds and thousands calling for justice for the late slain teacher.

“ I am sending my deepest sympathy and condolences to the bereaved family and hoping that they will get the justice they deserve. This act of violence is an attack not only on individuals but on the values of education, respect, and community,”

It is really very unfortunate that the accused has not yet been arrested and I am calling upon security agencies and the judiciary to work with speed to bring the suspect to justice , because justice delayed is justice denied and also since if the justice is not quickly served it will lead the government to lose the confidence of its citizens.

Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu
A member of the 11th Federal Parliament of Somalia.
Email: moalimuu@gmail.com, moalimuu@parliament.gov.so

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