Largest Military Drill by US Commences in East Africa

A US-led military exercise code-named “Justified Accord” begins in Kenya on Monday, with a significant number of nations taking part in what has been billed as a substantial event of its kind in East Africa.

The 11-day exercise, which will end next Thursday, is aimed at increasing participating countries’ readiness for peacekeeping missions, crisis response, and humanitarian assistance, according to state-owned Somali broadcaster SNTV and Kenyan media.

Dozens of US-trained Somali commandos will take part in the exercise, which private news website said will bring together a notable number of personnel and units from various nations.

The US military said Justified Accord is its “largest exercise in East Africa”.

“Justified Accord showcases the desire of US and partner nations to increase readiness and interoperability for regional security and crisis response,” the military said.

The US has led similar exercises in East Africa in recent years as the region grapples with a deadly al-Shabab insurgency and other security challenges.

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