Liberal Group Targets Ilhan Omar Over Alleged Campaign Violations

A liberal organization took aim at “Squad” Rep. Ilhan Omar with an ethics complaint Wednesday over an event she joined in last weekend that featured former Somalia Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

Khaire rallied for Omar (D-Minn.) and advocated to mobilize the vote for the congresswoman, which the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) argues may have breached the Federal Elections Campaign Act.

“We are deeply troubled by Ilhan Omar’s unlawful campaign rally with the former Prime Minister of Somalia. Omar already has a lengthy history of statements indicating her disdain for America and loyalty to Somalia, but this goes beyond statements,” AAF said in a statement.

“Now her campaign has taken steps to involve a foreign leader in an American election. She should resign immediately and return every dollar raised for her at this disgraceful rally.”

Omar’s campaign advisor David Mitrani swiftly responded, telling The Post, “This ethics complaint is another effort by the far-left to smear the Congresswoman.”

“Congresswoman Omar’s campaign had absolutely no role in requesting, coordinating, or facilitating Mr. Khaire’s appearance or his remarks, and accordingly there was no breach of law,” he said.

AAF requested the Office of Congressional Ethics to initiate an investigation into Omar and pointed out two potential violations.

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