Locals Report “Raging” Clashes in Ethiopian Region

Violent confrontations have erupted once more across various areas of the Ethiopian region of Amhara, as government forces engage with local militia groups.

The latest clashes between soldiers and the Fano militia have seen the use of artillery.

Movement along a road connecting two cities—Debre Birhan and Dese—has been prohibited by Ethiopian authorities, indicating a potential large-scale offensive. An alternative route, situated south of the town of Merawi, has reportedly been cleared by the army.

Residents interviewed by the BBC have characterized Monday’s skirmishes as exceedingly intense.

Earlier this month, Ethiopia’s human rights watchdog, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, reported numerous extrajudicial killings by troops in the town. The government refuted allegations of civilian targeting.

A state of emergency in the Amhara region has been recently extended by the authorities.

The unrest originated last year when the Addis Ababa government attempted to disarm Amhara militia groups following the cessation of hostilities in the neighboring Tigray region.


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