Minister Reports Decline in Al-Shabaab Influence in Galmudug

Galmudug’s Minister of Information, Abshir Abdi Shikow, announced that the Al-Shabaab group is now severely depleted within the state’s territories. Minister Shikow remarked that the Galmudug administration has dedicated significant efforts to liberate its regions from Al-Shabaab militias, which have plagued the residents of Galmudug for more than a decade.

“The Khawarij have been expelled from most Galmudug regions as public understanding of the terrorism threat has grown. There are no major strongholds remaining for the group to fortify its presence,” Shikow said.

Additionally, Shikow explained the strategic reasons behind the recent redeployment of troops from areas around Harardhere.

“Our military has implemented a new tactical approach in the Harardhere vicinity to confront the enemy effectively. We plan to retake those areas shortly, as the Khawarij cannot sustain disturbances and their defeat is near,” said Shikow.

Operations against Al-Shabaab have continued in Galmudug for over a year, and the President of Somalia has visited the region several times to expedite the campaign against the group.

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