Mogadishu Shocked as Bodies of Man and Ex-Wife Found in Bullet-Proof Vehicle

Today in Mogadishu, something very sad happened. They found two bodies in a strong car near the National Theater.

The people who died are Abukar Yusuf Ibrahim and Hamdi Abdulkadir Abdulle. They were missing for three days before they found them. But we don’t know how they died yet.

Abukar Yusuf Ibrahim used to drive for Mohamed Zubeer, who works for the Prime Minister’s office.

Hamdi Abdulkadir Abdulle’s father said they were looking for his daughter for three days before they found her in the car with her ex-husband.

The police took the bodies to investigate more. The families of the two people who died want the government to find out what happened and punish whoever is responsible.

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