New Puntland Cabinet Features 21 Members, Empowers Women in Key Ministerial Posts

Puntland Regional State President Said Abdullahi Deni announced the appointment of 21 cabinet members on Wednesday night, with exclusions made for deputies and state ministers.

President Deni has reinstated key positions including interior, justice, information, and security ministers. Notably, three of the appointed cabinet members are women, overseeing the ministries of Women, Relief and Disaster Management, and Youth.

Here are the names of the appointed ministers:

Minister of Health: Said Qorsheel.
Minister of Agriculture: Mohamed Abdiqadir.
Minister of Youth: Hodan Said.
Minister of Education: Fuad Ader.
Minister of Justice: Mohamed Abdiwahab.
Minister of Interior: Abdi Said Juha.
Minister of Environment: Mohamed Farole.
Minister of Commerce: Ahmed Shire.
Minister of Finance: Mohamed Farah.
Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources: Abdirisaaq Hagaa.
Minister of Ports: Shakir Guled.
Minister of Aviation: Abdullahi Bile.
Minister of Information: Mahmoud Ayid.
Minister of Minerals: Liban Muse Boqor.
Minister of Labor: Abdirahman Sheikh Ahmed.
Minister of Security: Ibrahim Haji Bakin.
Minister of Planning: Daud Bisinle.
Minister of Livestock: Omar Abdisamad.
Minister of Women: Maryan Ahmed Ali.
Minister of Relief and Disaster Management: Ubah Abdirashid.
Minister of Public Works: Farah Awad.

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