NORWAY: Sibling in Custody After Tragic Home Shooting While Parents Are Away

Last Friday in Lørenskog, Norway, 26-year-old Ahmed Saeed Musa was arrested on suspicion of fatally injuring his brother in their home while their parents were abroad – their mother in Dubai and their father in England. Musa is now in custody for a four-week period as authorities continue their investigation. The incident has garnered national attention, though details from the police remain scarce.

Upon arrival at the scene, city police found a bullet in the victim and have since seized the weapon believed to be involved.

In a heart-wrenching interview with the BBC, the boys’ father, Saeed Musa Murase, expressed his deep anguish and bewilderment over how his son obtained the firearm. “Every parent can understand the pain. I hold onto my faith and try to remain patient,” he said, his voice heavy with sorrow.

Despite his sorrow, Murase fondly remembered his sons, highlighting the victim, Mohamed, as a pillar of support for the family.

Mayor Amine Mabel of Lørenskog, a resident of over 20 years, shared her profound sadness over the incident, offering condolences to the grieving family and friends. She described the neighborhood as quiet and close-knit, where everyone knows each other, and emphasized that safety has never been a concern for her own children growing up in the area.

The case has also brought attention to broader issues within the Somali diaspora in Norway. Omar Abdi Afey, a former journalist and observer of Somali affairs, pointed to increased violent incidents among Somali youth, often stemming from unemployment and lack of parental oversight.

Previously, Musa had legal issues, including a minor traffic offense and a sentence for insurance fraud. Now, the community and family grapple with the aftermath of this tragedy, seeking both answers and solace in their loss.

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