Over 50 Youths Arrested in Eerigabo for Displaying Non-Somaliland Flag

The Security Committee of the Sanaag region reported the arrest of more than 50 youths accused of rioting in Eerigabo on May 25. The incident involved the display of a non-Somaliland flag, which prompted immediate action from local authorities.

The youths allegedly marched through the streets carrying the Makhir flag, leading to scuffles with the army. The Security Committee emphasized that legal action would be taken against those involved and urged parents to take responsibility for their children.

“People in Erigavo cannot be incited with tribalism. This is a great nation, and the flag that stands is that of the blessed republic. We are all ready to die for it,” said Ahmed Abdi Muse, the governor of Sanaag region, who was appointed by Somaliland’s president.

The committee warned against complaints following arrests, stating, “Do not complain; we will bring the accused before the court. If your children are implicated, they will face legal consequences.”

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