Parliamentary Inquiry Launched Following Near Miss: Qatar Airways and Ethiopian Airlines Investigation

In response to the recent near-miss incident involving Qatar Airways and Ethiopian Airlines, parliamentary committees have initiated a thorough inquiry. The committees aim to investigate the circumstances surrounding the event and evaluate the effectiveness of existing aviation safety protocols.

Comprised of aviation experts, lawmakers, and safety regulators, the committees are conducting detailed examinations into the factors contributing to the near collision. They are scrutinizing air traffic control procedures, communication protocols between airlines and controllers, and the implementation of collision avoidance systems.

The objective of the inquiry is not only to determine the specific causes of this incident but also to identify any systemic issues that may pose risks to aviation safety in the future. Collaboration with key stakeholders, including representatives from Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, air traffic control authorities, and aviation technology experts, is integral to gathering comprehensive insights.

Additionally, the committees are exploring international best practices in aviation safety and considering potential legislative or regulatory measures to enhance safety standards. Public hearings may be convened to ensure transparency and gather input from industry professionals and concerned citizens.

Ultimately, the parliamentary inquiry underscores the commitment to maintaining safe skies for all passengers and crew. By conducting thorough investigations and adopting a proactive approach, the committees aim to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.


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