President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Leads 64th Independence Day Celebrations in Mogadishu

Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre, Deputy Prime Minister Salah Ahmed Jama, and other senior officials joined President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud at a ceremony in Mogadishu on Tuesday to mark Somalia’s 64th Independence Day. During the event, President Mohamud wished Somalis at home and abroad a joyous Independence Day.

Barre echoed the President’s sentiments, highlighting the importance of national unity and resilience. “I congratulate the entire Somali nation on the occasion of June 26, which marks the 64th anniversary of the independence of the Northern Regions from British colonial rule and the raising of our flag on free Somali soil.”

June 26, 1960, is a pivotal date in Somali history as it commemorates the independence of British Somaliland. This achievement was a precursor to the unification of British Somaliland with the Trust Territory of Somalia (formerly Italian Somaliland) on July 1, 1960, forming the Somali Republic. The unified nation marked a major step towards the realization of Greater Somalia, a vision of bringing all Somali-inhabited territories​⬤

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