Protests Erupt in Nairobi Over Tax Hike, Demand for President Ruto’s Resignation Continues

In Nairobi, Kenya, police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters opposing a controversial tax hike on essential goods. The protests began last week and have continued despite President William Ruto withdrawing the bill. Demonstrators demand Ruto’s resignation, criticizing his initial support for the deeply unpopular tax increase.

Clashes between protesters and police have turned violent, with human rights groups reporting over 20 deaths. The Kenya National Commission for Human Rights (KNCHR) stated that live fire had been used against civilians in some areas, resulting in fatalities. Security forces have blocked access to key locations, including State House and Parliament, in an effort to control the unrest.

Protests have also erupted in other cities, such as Mombasa, Kisumu, Kisii, and Migori. In Homa Bay Town, seven people sustained gunshot wounds during the demonstrations. The protests have seen fluctuating participation, with lower turnout on Thursday compared to previous days.

Despite the government’s attempt to quell the unrest by withdrawing the tax bill, the protests continue. The youth-led movement remains vocal about their dissatisfaction with President Ruto’s administration and alleged corruption within the government. Demonstrators call for broader changes in leadership and governance, insisting they will not stop until their demands are met.

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