Protests Sweep U.S. Universities Demanding Gaza Ceasefire and Divestment

Hundreds of students have been arrested across universities in the United States as protesters continue to demand a ceasefire in Gaza and divestment from companies enabling Israel’s nearly seven-month war on the Palestinian enclave.

Police were out in full force on college campuses on Saturday, some using chemical irritants and Tasers to disperse the students, as more universities witnessed protests against the continued bombing of the Gaza Strip and seeking an end to US military assistance for Israel.

In Boston, about 100 people were detained as police cleared a protest camp at Northeastern University. In Bloomington, Indiana, 23 people were arrested by the Indiana University Police Department as they cleared a campus protest camp. At Arizona State University, 69 people were arrested for trespassing after setting up an “unauthorized encampment” on campus.

University leaders have tried, and largely failed, to quell the demonstrations. Many protesters have demanded amnesty for students and faculty members disciplined or fired for protesting.

Protests have spread across the country, leading to arrests, suspensions, probation, and even expulsions of students from universities like Yale, USC, Vanderbilt, and the University of Minnesota.

Students risking expulsion and facing threats for protesting have demanded amnesty, divestment from Israeli companies, and protection for protesting students.

Similar protests have emerged in Canada, Europe, and Australia against the “genocide” of Palestinians in Gaza, demanding divestment from Zionist institutions.

Sam Bisno, a Princeton student, highlighted the passion driving the protests, despite the risks involved. Momodou Taal, suspended by Cornell University, expressed distrust in university administrations to protect pro-Palestinian students. Maysam Elghazali, an organizer at Emory University, listed three demands: financial transparency, divestment from Israeli companies, and amnesty for arrested students.

College protests against the Gaza conflict have become a nationwide movement, with students facing disciplinary actions but remaining committed to their cause.

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