Puntland Police and Somali Security Forces Arrest Notorious Pirate Commander in Galkayo Anti-Piracy Operation

In a significant development, Puntland police and Somali security forces conducted an anti-piracy operation in Galkayo, arresting Abshir Abdi Kheyre Jowfe, 38, the commander behind the hijacking of the MV Abdalla. The arrest marks a substantial step in the ongoing efforts to dismantle pirate networks in the region.

Executing the operation in the Sinai area north of Galkayo followed extensive planning and coordination between Somali security forces and Puntland police.

Carrying 23 Bangladeshi crew members, the MV Abdalla was hijacked and diverted to the Somali coast, where pirates fortified it with heavy artillery to deter rescue operations. Pirate groups increasingly use this tactic to maintain control over hijacked vessels. The crew was held hostage for weeks before being released following prolonged negotiations that culminated in a $5 million ransom. The talks involved multiple stakeholders, including the Bangladeshi government and international maritime organizations.

Emphasizing the authorities’ commitment, Mudug Regional Police Chief Col. Mohamud Abdihakin Yusuf stated the importance of combatting piracy and bringing all involved gangs to justice. Jowfe’s arrest is the third related to the MV Abdalla hijacking, highlighting the ongoing crackdown on pirate activities.

Additionally, the Puntland police announced on Monday that they had arrested Mohamed Sufi Rasas in Garowe, where he had been hiding for the past few days.

After the ransom payment, the pirates dispersed into various cities in Puntland, with some relocating to coastal areas to plan further attacks on commercial ships.

Monitoring the situation, the international community, including maritime organizations and naval forces, continues to respond to piracy threats off the Somali coast. The hijacking and subsequent ransom payment have prompted calls for enhanced naval patrols and security measures to protect commercial shipping routes.

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