Puntland Security Forces Capture Two ISIS Militants in Bari Region

Two members of the ISIS terrorist group surrendered to Puntland security forces in the Balidhidhin area of the Bari region on Sunday.

According to the security forces, the militants were carrying weapons and wearing military uniforms when they surrendered. In a brief interview, they revealed that they had been trained to engage in combat against al-Shabab during their tenure with ISIS.

The militants disclosed that they had attempted to flee from ISIS multiple times but were awaiting the right opportunity to surrender to Puntland forces.

“We have been on the run for three months. We are pleased with the warm reception and support from Puntland forces,” they stated.

Over recent years, ISIS and al-Shabab have been engaged in fierce battles for control of the Bari region, particularly in the Al Miskaad mountains. In April, ISIS claimed to have eliminated 50 al-Shabab fighters during a clash in the mountains, asserting territorial gains from their rival group.

Known for its presence in Somalia’s rugged Bari region, ISIS has carried out numerous attacks in the Horn of Africa nation.

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