Puntland’s Minister of Justice Stresses the Insignificance of a Minority in Changing Somalia’s Constitution

In a recent statement, the Minister of Justice, Religious, and Constitutional Affairs of the Puntland regional administration, Mohamed Abdiwahab, emphasized the limitations on President Hassan Sheikh and select ministers in altering the provisional constitution of Somalia.

Speaking in Garowe, Minister Mohamed underscored that figures like Interior Minister Ahmed Fiqi and Minister of Constitution Hassan Moalim lack the authority to enact changes to the country’s constitution, reiterating the document’s definition of Somalia’s federal system and governance structure.

Notably, the current constitution, established during the Somalia National Reconciliation Conference in 2003-2004, was endorsed by 3,000 Somali delegates. Minister Mohamed stressed the need for cooperation and completion of pending provisions within the constitution, rather than instigating amendments.

His remarks align with the stance of former presidents, politicians, and Puntland State leaders, who vehemently oppose President Mohamud’s ongoing efforts to revise the constitution through parliamentary channels.

  1. Puntland leaders are set to convene a constitution consultation forum in Garowe, with the attendance of former Presidents Mohamed Farmaajo and Sheikh Sheikh, further solidifying their stance against federal intervention in constitutional matters.

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