Residents Start Returning Home After Beledweyne Floods

Residents of Beledweyne, displaced by recent floods, began returning home on Sunday despite lingering floodwaters and debris.

The Shabelle River caused heavy flooding in several neighborhoods, particularly affecting Kooshin and Hawa Taako. Other areas like Bundaweyn and Howlwadaag also experienced some flooding.

Families have started to return even though roads are still muddy and full of debris. “Returning is better for us, despite the dirt. The places we fled to are barren, with scorching heat during the day and cold at night. Once back, we can clear the dirt,” said a resident from the Kooshin neighborhood.

Last week’s flooding caused widespread displacement and damage, marking the second major flood in six months.

As people return and rebuild, the community faces the challenges of recovery and preparing for possible future floods.

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