Sanbaloolshe’s appointment will reignite the country’s battle.

After a fierce battle, Abdullahi Mohamed Ali (Sanbaloolshe) has been appointed as the Director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) by the Council of Ministers.

This is his third appointment to the position, and each time it has been accompanied by significant reasons and controversies. In July 2014, he was first appointed to the position, but shortly afterward, he was accused of leading attacks against government forces in Mogadishu. This led to a disagreement with Prime Minister Abdiwali Sheikh, ultimately resulting in his removal from office due to the beginning of the rift between President Hassan and PM Abdiwali. His appointment caused significant restructuring within the agency; for instance, his predecessor was promoted to the position of Director to ensure presidential approval and appointment.

During President Farmaajo’s second term in June 2017, a dispute arose between him and Colonel Fahad Yasin, leading to President Farmaajo’s decision to dismiss both the Director and the Colonel. After four years of opposition, he was again appointed as a Member of Parliament in 2022. Today marks his third appointment, following his approval by the Council of Ministers and his previous title as Deputy Director.

Sanbaloolshe is one of the most experienced individuals in the field, having served in various roles since 2009: Minister of Internal Security, Ambassador to the UK and Turkey, Deputy Director of NISA three times, and Member of Parliament twice. Clearly, he is passionate about parliamentary duties as outlined in the agency’s legislation.

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