Sayid Ali Receives Death Penalty in Mogadishu Court for Burning Pregnant Wife

The Banadir Regional Court handed down a death sentence to Sayid Ali Moalin Daoud on Wednesday, convicting him for the fatal burning of his pregnant wife, Luul Abdiaziz, in Mogadishu in January 2024.

Throughout the trial, Daoud confessed to igniting the fire during a quarrel with his wife but refuted any intention to cause her demise, contesting the murder allegations levied against him. The prosecution bolstered its case with evidence, including Abdiaziz’s charred phone and eyewitness testimonies, notably from her own children.

Despite the court extending the option for an appeal to Daoud, relatives of Luul embraced the verdict.

Najah, a kin of the deceased, expressed gratitude to the media and the public for rallying behind Luul’s quest for justice. “We recognize that Luul’s departure has not only left a void in our family but in the hearts of many,” she remarked.

Luul Sheikh Abdiaziz, the victim, held a respected position at Aden Abdulle International Airport and was a mother to six children. She succumbed to her injuries at Erdogan Hospital, following the inferno allegedly ignited by Daoud amid a domestic altercation.

Mayor Yusuf Hussein Jimale Madale of Mogadishu vowed support for Luul’s bereaved children, pledging financial aid and social services to assist them in navigating the loss of their mother and the harrowing circumstances surrounding her demise.

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