Security Heightened in Kenya after Border Blast Wounds 9 Officers near Somalia

Kenyan authorities announced on Monday that they have implemented heightened security measures along the border with Somalia following a roadside blast that injured nine officers on Saturday.

According to a security briefing, the intensified operation aims to prevent further attacks in the region, known for frequent cross-border infiltrations by al-Shabab insurgents.

The decision to bolster security came shortly after an incident on Saturday morning, where nine police officers sustained injuries when their armored patrol vehicle triggered an improvised explosive device in Hagadera, Garissa County.

The wounded officers, belonging to the elite Special Operations Group (SOG), were part of a two-vehicle convoy conducting patrols in the area. SOG plays a pivotal role in counterterrorism efforts against al-Shabab operatives operating in the northeastern and coastal regions.

Officials believe that the attack was orchestrated to disrupt the operational effectiveness of the security forces.

The injured personnel were promptly evacuated to Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, for specialized medical care.

The region remains a significant hotspot for al-Shabab activity, prompting continuous vigilance from security forces. Authorities assert that numerous planned attacks have been thwarted, leading to the apprehension of multiple suspects.

In response to the recent surge in violence, the government has opted to delay the reopening of the border with Somalia until further notice.

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