Singer Ugbaad Aragsan taken into custody by Somaliland police for sharing “unacceptable videos.

Authorities in Somaliland have taken Ugbaad Mohamud Abdi, also known as Ugbaad Aragsan, into custody. They say she shared videos that go against certain cultural and religious beliefs, like modesty and respecting traditional values.

A statement from the Somaliland Police Force posted on Facebook said, “We arrested Ugbaad Mohamud Abdi for sharing things on social media that don’t match our religion and cultural values.”

The police also said they’re focused on protecting religion, culture, and the public. They’re investigating the case thoroughly and plan to bring her to trial soon.

Ugbaad Aragsan recently expressed support for the opposition Waddani party at a concert during a festival in Hargeisa.

Some people think her arrest might be related to her showing support for the opposition party. They think it could be because she attended the inauguration of Puntland President Syed Abdillahi Dani, who was re-elected. Supporting the opposition party openly might not be liked by the government of Somaliland.

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