Somali Army Stops al-Shabab Attack, Kills 16 Militants

On Saturday morning, the Somali military stopped an attack by al-Shabab militants on a base in the El-Dher district of the Galgadud region. The attack started with explosions and gunfire. The army, helped by local clan militias, fought back after a tip-off from local residents. The government reported that 16 militants were killed. Al-Shabab claimed they attacked and killed many soldiers, but this could not be confirmed. Residents did not comment on the casualties due to safety concerns.

On a quiet Saturday morning, the Somali military successfully repelled an attack by al-Shabab militants targeting a military base in the El-Dher district of the Galgadud region. The assault began with a series of explosions, quickly escalating to intense gunfire exchanges between the militants and the military forces.

Local clan militias played a crucial role in supporting the Somali army. They mobilized swiftly after receiving a tip-off from residents in the district, which enabled the military to prepare and counter the attack effectively. According to a statement from the Somali government, 16 al-Shabab militants were killed during the confrontation, and the tally of casualties is ongoing.

The militant group al-Shabab, known for its violent insurgency in Somalia, claimed responsibility for the attack. They asserted that they had attacked several military bases and inflicted significant casualties on the soldiers. However, these claims could not be independently verified, and details remain uncertain.

Efforts to confirm the exact number of casualties have been hampered by security concerns. Residents contacted by local news outlets, including HOL, refrained from commenting on the incident, fearing potential reprisals. The Somali government has yet to provide a comprehensive report on the situation, and the area remains tense as security forces continue to monitor the region for further threats.

This latest attack underscores the persistent threat posed by al-Shabab in Somalia. Despite ongoing military efforts to neutralize the group, they continue to launch assaults on military and civilian targets, aiming to destabilize the region. The collaboration between the Somali military and local clan militias highlights the importance of community involvement in enhancing security and resisting militant activities.

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