Somali Foreign Minister Seeks Investment from China and Arab Countries

Ahmed Moalim Faqi, Somalia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, asked China and Arab countries to invest in Somalia’s key sectors during a meeting in Beijing, China, on Thursday.

At the meeting, Minister Faqi spoke about the many opportunities for investment in Somalia, especially in animal husbandry, agriculture, fisheries, and renewable energy. He encouraged foreign companies to explore these opportunities and promised to make it easier for them by removing obstacles.

Minister Faqi also talked about the long history of good relations between China and the Arab world. He reminded everyone that Somalia was the first East African country to have diplomatic relations with China and said that Somalia is committed to working closely with China. He also emphasized Somalia’s support for China’s sovereignty, including the One China policy.

The Minister called for action on the agreements made at the Chinese Arab Summit and the Riyadh Declaration, which he believes will boost economic and investment cooperation.

Additionally, Minister Faqi criticized Ethiopia for interfering in Somalia’s internal affairs by signing an agreement with Somaliland, a breakaway region. He said this move violates Somalia’s sovereignty and threatens regional stability.

Finally, the Minister called for international support to help the Palestinian people. He asked for a ceasefire, protection for civilians, humanitarian aid, and the reconstruction of Gaza.

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