Somali Government and Local Forces Recapture Key Territories in Hiiraan Region from Al-Shabaab

Somali government officials have announced that key territories in the Hiiraan region have been reclaimed from the Al-Shabaab militant group. The Somali National Army, in collaboration with local forces, successfully took control of Buurweyn and Shaw, significant strongholds in western Hiiraan, without any reported casualties.

Nur Mohamed Absuge, chairman of the Jalalaqsi district, confirmed to the National Media that government and local forces have fully secured Buurweyn and Shaw. This victory is part of a larger strategy by the Somali government and regional forces to dismantle Al-Shabaab’s presence in the region. Recently, the Somali National Army and Jubbaland State forces also reclaimed several areas in Lower Juba, including Lagta Qubbi and Golhadamo, as part of operations to clear the route between Kismayo and Afmadow.

The recapture of Buurweyn and Shaw is expected to significantly diminish Al-Shabaab’s influence in western Hiiraan. This operation followed a disruptive attack by Al-Shabaab on the Jalalaqsi district the previous night. Al-Shabaab had controlled Buurweyn and Shaw for over ten years.

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