Somali Government Asks UN to End Mission

The Somali government has asked the United Nations to end its mission in Somalia. They want to focus on their own plans.

Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, said on Thursday that they want the UN mission to finish by October 2024. They also said they won’t ask for the mission to continue after that.

“We have worked well with the UN. Now we want to take the next step on our own,” the Minister said.

The government also said they are thankful for the help the UN has given them. But now, they want to focus on their own plans for peace and development.

This request comes after the United Nations Special Representative to Somalia, Catriona Laing, said she would leave her job on May 21, 2024. She was supposed to work for a year, but she’s leaving early, and we don’t know why.

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